How To Install Custom ROMs Of All Ttypes Easily

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How to install custom ROMs of all types easily

ROM as in the picture, interesting isn’t it ?? The following are the steps …

After successfully posting the ROM definition , I will now share the way to replace the Custom ROM.

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before installing a custom ROM, there are several steps that must be done, which I will explain in full.
okay just at the scene …

it’s good you know the meaning of ROM and its functions …

*** the requirements that must be met are, ***
Hh has been rooted (rooted) how to root all types of android can be read here
Already installed CWM (Clock Word Mod) the way can be read here
Having a Custom ROM compatible with our type hh. can search on google / group fb according to your hh type
SD Card memory must be more than 2GB
That’s the equipment or requirements before doing a Custom ROM. Why should there be such requirements? I will explain,

>>> Root is a bridge or permission to access the system hh.

>>> CWM is used as a way / tool to be able to replace ROM hh.

>>> Having a Custom ROM that matches / is the same as our hh must and must be legal. Because if we mistakenly replace the impact ROM on our hh, that is, we can BOOTLOP or can’t enter the Home Screen, the display is limited to the boot logo, and worse, it can’t live. Therefore to avoid this we must have a custom ROM that matches our hh. To be able to get it we can look for it in goolgle or join the Facebook group according to our type hh,

>>> SD Card memory must be more than 2GB in use to backup Android ROM from our hh. We must back up our built-in ROM to avoid things that are not wanted like BootLop. Usually the results of ROM backups are more than 1GB. And the rest to save the Custom ROM that we downloaded earlier. The size varies according to the beauty of the appearance and performance of the ROM that we will install later. Most are above 200MB up to 500MB.

Okay after the conditions are met, now is the time to replace our ROM ROM. How,
Turn off hh. after death,
Enter CWM mode (how to press the power + volume up button, but every hh is different there is a power button + volume up + home, you can search it yourself on google according to your hh type).
Select the back up & restore menu (press the volume up button and volume down to scroll up and down, and the power button to ok / select it)
Then select backup. Choose yes! And wait until the backup process is complete. Until there is complete backup information
Press tbbol back on the home screen or select ** go back ** until you enter the main menu. (for those who can’t press the power button / the power button does not work or disable, this is because when in the top menu, the user accidentally presses the volume – + -, to en-scroll it again scroll to the top menu and press volume + – + )
Select factory reset. Choose yes!
Select wipe chache. Choose yes!
Select wipe dalvik. How to enter the advanced menu, look for the Wipe Dalvik menu
And finally, go back to the main menu and choose install zip from sd card. Search according to the folder where you saved the file. Wait until the process is complete. This process is rather long.
Select Reboot system now (main menu), but sometimes there is a custom rom that auto-boots. Reboot for the first time longer (3-5min).
How to Backup and Restore with Titanium Backup Complete with Pictures

And taraa … !!! Now the appearance of your hh changes. As long as … !!!
But if someone has a problem and does not go to the home screen (bootlop), it is better to restore the ROM. How, turn off hh
Enter recovery mode
Select backup & restore
Select restore, and select the file (named date and time) wait a while
Select Reboot system now
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Hh you are back as before …
That’s how to install ROM in general, it is highly recommended to back up the ROM before installing ROM. But the author is not responsible for things that happen. The author only shares info and experience.

my advice do not be afraid in taking steps and decisions, because whatever the results will be the most valuable and unforgettable teacher.
but all depends on you, I am not responsible for any risks that occur, I only help …
DWYOR, Do With Your Own Risk.

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